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  • Customized Insights and Strategy Options (we will first walk you through a brief questionnaire to ensure we understand your potential challenges and desired priorities)
  • Confidential challenging questions to ponder
  • Up to:
    • Three focused tips to enhance YOUR CLARITY
    • Two powerful techniques to immediately apply the level of ENERGY needed for any situation
    • Two simple PRODUCTIVITY actions to accomplish more every hour of your work day
    • One mindset shift to unlock hidden COURAGE 
    • Two beneficial behaviors to magnify your INFLUENCE, at work AND at home
  • Strategic Options to consider going forward
  • Efficient use of only 60-90 minutes 
  • Perspective on how Certified High Performance Coaching may benefit your team(s) (with a special offer to recoup this investment)
  • Significant VALUE return on this crucial US$497 Professional Development investment

What is distinctive about High Performance Coaching?

Certified High Performance Coaching uses a proven, results-oriented, research-based curriculum. It is challenge based with a clear outcome of High Performance. Each session supplements focused coaching with training and education directed at achieving a specific goal. 

Overall, it focuses on helping you become the best version of yourself, and teams find new levels of success.

Why Consider High Performance Coaching?

Click the CHPC image above to link you to a brief video by Brendon Burchard, High Performance Institute founder and the world's most successful high performance coach.

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